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More than a simple touch screen, the visualization system incorporates an algorithm ensuring the display of a high definition image , even for a single- use device The Screeni® offers a coherent whole: it is designed and designed to simplify its use with unprecedented ease of management and implementation. The system is mobile and light to be easily used in often constrained spaces 

HD system

The entire system, from the camera to the viewing platform, contributes to the display of a high definition image with in particular an algorithm specially developed for detailed contours. Brightness management allows good near and distal vision.

 The Screeni® is equipped with a quick fixing allowing the system to be hung on an IV stand The power cable of the device can be wound around the clamping wheel during transport.

• It only takes a few seconds to detach the monitor from its stand and place it on a cart.

 Agile and Vortex endoscopes can be suspended from the support feet of the Screeni. They are easily identifiable by their colored ring and are always ready to use.

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