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Dr Brown's

Central Medical Supplies Ltd are the UK Distributors for Dr Brown’s Natural Flow feeding bottles, accessories and breast care range.

The Dr Brown’s Natural Flow baby bottles have been widely researched and are recommended by 9 out of 10 Healthcare Professionals for the relief of wind related colic*.  Dr Brown’s feature a patented  internal vent system which eliminates the vacuum and air bubbles found in most baby bottles.  Babies are able to feed more comfortably because the vent allows babies to feed without fighting the negative effects of a vacuum or the discomfort of ingesting air bubbles.  This reduces colic, burping and wind.  Over half of those changing to a Dr Brown’s Natural Flow baby bottle saw an improvement in 3 feeds or less, outperforming any other brand*


Dr Brown’s products are stocked and used in Neonatal and Maternity units around the country and can be easily purchased by consumers from leading retailers.

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*Results of a HCP Colic Survey carried out by Consumer Analysis Ltd.  For full details go to