Big Investment Programme for the Axifeed Brand by Central Medical Supplies LTD

Since the successful acquisition of the AXifeed range of Expressed Breastmilk Storage Bottles and Cup Feeders back in January 2017, Central Medical Supplies Ltd are delighted to announce a significant investment into the AXifeed brand to further improve our current supply chain offering and level of service.

CMS are investing in new dedicated machinery to manufacture the AXifeed bottles, with an increased multiple-site capability to sterilise the products, so ensuring greater capacity to keep up with growing sales, provide greater manufacturing flexibility and a quicker customer response time to short term demands.

While we are working to ensure a smooth transition during these changes, we may experience an unavoidable short-term decline in product availability.  We will obviously work closely with all customers to ensure minimum disruption.

CMS are proud of the AXifeed bottle and cap range being the only truly tamper-evident system on the market, providing clear verification that feeds are safeguarded from accidental or deliberate contamination. The AXifeed bottles continue to support risk management procedures for both milk banks and neonatal units.

AXifeed products can be purchased direct from CMS, as well as available via NHS Supply Chain.