New ivNext® Fluid Warmer Available

Enthermics’ new ivNext®  fluid warmer is exclusively available in the UK from Central Medical Supplies (CMS).  A pioneering company in the patient warming arena, Enthermics has developed the ivNext®  IV inventory management system to take the guesswork out of warming.

Enthermics’ WarmSafe™ zone heating technology, used for the ivNext®  fluid warmer, provides clinicians with a simple way to monitor and precisely warm IV bags. ivNext® warms ten one litre IV bags, which are stored on a shelf matrix that allows heat to rise evenly.  The compact size of the ivNext®  fluid warmer means it can be placed on a countertop or mobile cart; this enables easy access to fluids.

Colour-coded lighting inside the ivNext® warmer indicates which bags are ready, which are still warming and which have expired.  The organisation of the system, along with the visual indication of bag readiness, allows for the faster retrieval of fluids.  Healthcare professionals can see exactly when an IV bag has reached the set temperature, which is adjustable between 32°C and 40°C. A blue light indicates when a bag has not yet reached the set temperature, a green light shows the bag is ready to use and a yellow light that the bag has been continuously warmed for fourteen days or more and has expired.

For more information on the Enthermics ivNext® fluid warmer, contact us!