Temple Touch Pro™ Now Available

We are pleased to announce that we have been appointed the exclusive UK distributor for Temple Touch Pro™, a non-invasive core temperature monitoring system from thermometry specialist Medisim.

Continuous, fast and accurate, Temple Touch Pro™ constantly monitors and displays a patient’s temperature throughout diverse clinical settings and all anaesthesia types. Intended for use on patients of all ages, the Temple Touch Pro™ system consists of a sensor unit and a monitoring connecting unit (MCU) that uses a patented algorithm to calculate and display core temperature.

Traditional core temperature monitoring techniques are invasive and can cause patient discomfort. Due to its direct blood flow from the heart, the temporal artery provides an accurate representation of the core temperature. The temporal artery’s superficial location makes it easier to access and less invasive than traditional core measurement methods.

The Temple Touch Pro™ sensor is a small, lightweight, non-sterile, disposable device, which is comprised of multiple receptors that measure both the skin surface temperature over the temporal artery and the ambient temperature. The sensor unit attaches to a patient’s skin above the temporal artery. The simple and quick application of the sensor minimises the risk of infections and complications, which might be caused by the use of invasive probes.

The sensor is connected to the MCU via a connecting cable. The cable can be secured to a patient’s gown with the clip provided, reducing the chance of the sensor being unintentionally removed. The two-part break away cable design means the sensor can be easily disconnected from the monitor; enabling the simple transfer of a patient between departments or allowing a patient to move around. The sensor can stay on a patient until core temperature monitoring is no longer required or left in place for up to 24 hours, before a new sensor can be applied.

To find out more about Temple Touch Pro™, get in touch!