Truecool Premium

Central Medical Supplies appointed UK distributor for TrueCool Premium by Em-Med

Manufactured by EM-MED, TrueCool Premium is a device used to carry out targeted temperature management.

TrueCool is used to reduce the core body temperature in patients who do not regain consciousness after the return of spontaneous circulation following a cardiac arrest. The device then maintains the temperature for 24 hours before slowly rewarming.

TrueCool Premium comes with a high accuracy temperature sensor (0.05°C), along with the ability to adjust the temperature in steps of 0.05°C. The device has a user friendly 10 inch touch screen and a database for off-line analysis and data export. A wide range of patient covers is available with the system. There is also a UV disinfection option, to minimise cleaning time.

Tracey Pavier-Grant, Sales & Marketing Director at Central Medical Supplies, says: “TrueCool Premium is a great addition to our temperature management portfolio. We’re looking forward to demonstrating the benefits of TrueCool to healthcare professionals and discussing the important role of fast patient cooling in certain cardiac treatments.”

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